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Raf Ozone System

Raf has been a leading in designing and installation of ozone systems for over 20 years in Iceland. Ozone has high usability and can for example be used in swimming pools, for deodorizing, for cleaning food processing machines, for increasing the shelf life of food, for sewers and water purification. Raf can offer various solutions, but one can be seen in the image below.

Raf can also offer smaller devices seen here.

1. Air compressor - 2. Water separation - 3. Refrigeration dryer - 4. Air reservoir tank - 5. Active carbon filter - 6. Oxygen device and filters - 7. Oxygen reservoir tank - 8. Ozone device - 9. Water mixer

Suez TOGC ozone production equipment for industry

Adjustable flow and intensity. Works for positive and negative pressure. Air pressure and oxygen production are built-in and therefore do not need any additional equipment to produce ozone.

ModelFlowOzone productionWater-cooling
TOGC8X5 L/min8 g/hourNo
TOGC13X5 L/min13 g/hourNo
TOGC45X5 L/min45 g/hour90L/hour
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Suez ozonia CFS ozone production equipment for industry

Adjustable flow and intensity. Can be operated with oxygen or with purified compressed air. Needs addidional equipment such as aircompressor, filters, refrigeration dryer and oxygen generator(optional).

ModelFlow Oxygen/airOzone production oxygen/airWater-cooling
ozonia CFS-114/16 L/min73 /37 g/hour2-6 bar
ozonia CFS-342/48 L/min219/112 g/hour2-6 bar
ozonia CFS-798/112 L/min510/262 g/hour2-6 bar
ozonia CFS-14197/231 L/min1020/523 g/hour2-6 bar
ozonia CFS-28396/449 L/min2050/1046 g/hour2-6 bar
ozonia CFS-42593/674 L/min3070/1569 g/hour2-6 bar
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Ozone is one of the strongest natural oxidants for bactericidal and disinfection in the world and can kill up to 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms found in food. Ozone does not leave any dangerous additives after it has played its role and is therefore particularly suitable for the food industry.

Advances in ozone production and increased knowledge of the correct ozone treatment of food have contributed to good results in food purification and increased utilization, quality and shelf life. In addition, recent studies have shown that with the right methods, ozone will not oxidize fat or lower the protein content in e.g. fish. On the contrary, ozone reduces firmness reduction the fish meat and thus reduce fluid loss (drip) and contribute to a higher protein content in the products.

By applying ozone to the washing/rinsing process and to ice/slurry ice machines, it is possible to achieve desirable results in controlling bacteria, increasing shelf life and improving the quality of products. Such results then result in increased flexibility in transport routes, better sales products and higher prices in the markets.


By mixing ozone to air intake/outtake the atmosphere can be purified. This can kill bacteria, reduce the risk of disease and eliminate odors. Flies and other insects do not tolerate ozone mixed atmospheres and therefore such pests can be controlled by ozone depletion.

Ozone can also be used for disinfection. Ozone is mixed in a large concentration and left to stand for 24 hours and then ventilated well afterwards. This is suitable e.g. in agriculture to disinfect a space before adding new animals. The ozone devices are available in different size units and therefore it is always possible to arrange devices that are suitable for all companies.


Ozone mixing for sewage treatment has been under development at Raf ehf. since 2008 and has been successful.

With more powerful ozone equipment, ozone purification in swimming pools has been gaining ground. With the right design and installation of ozone purification, only ozone can be used to purify swimming pools and hot tubs.