Solutions / Automation

For over 20 years, Raf has been designing, programming and installing controls for any type of industry. Raf therefore has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to automation and can therefore offer cost-effective solutions for its customers.

Raf has worked with Drying Chamber controls from 2000 and can offer Control Systems with fast drying cycles and the specifications for different products, Raf ehf. delivers a complete service from design, construction, to turnkey installations, for Drying Chambers of all sizes

Raf has designed and installed many Small-Scale Hydropower Plants. Hydropower Plant controls from simple synchronization systems to fully automated operation with reservoir level control, power output control and automated synchronization where any surplus electricity is sold directly to the electrical grid utility companies.

Raf has years of experience in the design, programming and installation of industrial equipment and control systems, for all kinds of industry. Raf delivers a complete service in this area.

Raf has years of experience in the design, programming and installation of automated ventilation systems and livestock feeding systems to farmers in all the major areas of livestock production. Raf been able to offer its own-brand Control Systems or third-party Control Systems, from companies such as Funki, Fancom and Skov.

Raf can design and set up control systems tailor made to the customer needs. Raf has experience of varied and challenging projects in the field. Raf can provide expertise at all scales of centralised industrial controls (SCADA Systems).