Fish transport


Raf offers various types and sizes of transport tanks from Linn to transport live fish. A variety of accessories are also available to put the air/oxygen in a box during transport. Check out the selection below or in the brochure from Linn here.

Thermoport 30l

Suitable for experimental aquaculture
Made of light but strong plastic (PE) *
The lid is waterproof and has a hole for ventilation
Holds up to 30L
Available with 12V air pump

Thermoport-Fish transport tanks

Made of light but strong plastic (PE) *
Large lid that makes filling easy
Comes standard with 1 1/4 “drain opening and plug
Available with different sluices and necessary equipment
Available in sizes 190, 290, 600, 800 or 1100 liters
The 600 and 1100 liter boxes are insulated
The 1100 liter boxes come standard with fish hatches, but it is possible to replace and install fish lids 

GRP-Transport tanks

Suitable for pickup trucks and trailers
The tank is made of fiberglass
Large lid with built-in locking mechanism
The seal for the lid can be replaced
Comes with a ball valve on the drain opening
Available with special fasteners
Comes with a standard fish lid but can be replaced and a fish valve installed instead
Comes in sizes 800, 1000, 1100 or 1400 liters


Hoses, slides and valves
Oxygen diffusers
Oxygen hoses and fittings
Flow meter, pressure reducers and fittings
Weighing equipment
Air pumps 12VDC and 230VAC, available in different sizes

*PE or polyethylene is widely used in the food industry as it does not release toxins, is chemical resistant and antiseptic