Raf offers a variety of pumps from Linn that are suitable for aquaculture, to pump waste saturated water from tanks, pump water or circulate water in tanks. Check out the selection below or in the brochure from Linn here.

Pipe Pump

Suitable for pumping large quantities from low pressure areas
Stainless steel motor and frame
Pumps max to 5m *
Motor available in 10 sizes from 0.10kW to 1.1kW – 230/400VAC
Water flow from 29m3/h to 190m3/h *

Pipe Pump S

Suitable for filter system and calculation pumping
Pumps highest up to 2.5m *
Motor available in 5 sizes from 0.15kW to 1.5kW – 230/400VAC
Water flow from 65m3/h to 288m3/h *

Deep pump aerator

Ensures the mixing of colder deep water with warmer surface water
Pump component can be hung beneath the float down to a depth of 5m
Water output mushroom-shaped or with directional water jet
Motor available in sizes 0.55kW, 0.75kW or 1.1kW – 230/400VAC
Water flow 115m3/h, 170m3/h or 190m3/h *

Slush pump

Cleans up slush and other waste from the bottom of fish tanks without removing fish
Stainless steel motor, shaft and frame
Motor available in sizes 0.75kW – 230V or 2.2kW – 400VAC
Comes with a 20m cable
Water flow 1080m3/h, 2880m3/h or 4320m3/h *

DOMO sludge pump

Suitable for emptying fish tanks
Nylon or stainless steel impeller
Can pump in sludge up to 50mm (35mm for DOMO 7VX)
Stainless steel motor
Motor available in sizes 0.55kW, 0.75kW, 1.1kW – 230/400VAC or 1.9kW – 400VAC
Comes with a 10m cable
Water flow from 9m3/h to 90m3/h **

* Depends on motor size
** Depends on motor size, type and pump hight