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Linn offers equipment for monitoring and controlling the oxygen level, whether it is for transporting fish or for aquaculture. A wide range of oxygen meters, whether hand meters or fixed meters, are available as well as PH meter. Check out the selection below or in the brochure from Linn here.

Aqua-Control One

Oxygen measurement and monitoring
Displays the oxygen value, percentage value
Can be used to control aeration
Easy to install and adjust
230VAC or 400VAC version available

Aqua-Control Mobile

Provides an overview of the oxygen status in fish transport boxes
You can position the screen anywhere
It is easy to set up a warning for each and every transport box
Supply voltage 24V

Oxygen-probe Dryden

Provides continuous and accurate measurement of oxygen in water
Output signal 4-20mA

pH - meter

Measures pH value and temperature
Automatic calibration and temperature correction
Is only 85g

Oxygen probe ODOS

The first light sensitivity sensor that measures oxygen in water
You can replace existing sensors and replace them with ODOS
Almost maintenance free, lasts for approx. 3-4 years, can replace the sensor head
Can be connected using bus connection or 4-20mA output
No need to calibrate